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Law & Legal: C.K. Hoffler & the Super Lawyers talk about the Significance of the George Floyd Bill

Listen to the interview below

This week on, OPWJS, Law and Legal segment with C. K. Hoffler we heard from some the top Black attorney's in Georgia and beyond including: Chris Stewart, Gerald Griggs, Mawali Davis, Maria Banjo, Lonita Baker, and Ben Crump.

These attorney's engaged in a discussion about why we should support the George Floyd justice and policing act. The consensus was that police oversight, which would end no knock warrants, and chokeholds, which are commonly used in Black communities, and encourage data collection, and a national registry of police misconduct is desperately needed. "America has a moral obligation to demonstrate that it cares about Black lives," said Maria Banjo. Hoffler says she is motivated by her desire to have her children be able to live.

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