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CK Hoffler Announces Creation of the Willie Gary Fellowship

CK Hoffler Announces Creation of the Willie Gary Fellowship Honoring the achievement of the legendary trial attorney at the Gate City Bar Judicial Section Awards Dinner

Atlanta, GA (January 7, 2019). In collaboration with the Gate City BarAssociation- Judicial Section Chair, The Honorable Ronald B. Ramsey, Sr.; Attorney CK Hoffler announced the creation of a “Fast Track” fellowship in honor of her mentor, the legendary Willie Gary of Stuart Florida. Hoffler worked with Gary and his commercial and international litigation department for over 13 years. Gary and Hoffler have successfully litigated numerous large verdict cases in The State of Georgia and nationally. “Willie Gary is the most extraordinarily talented trial lawyer. I had the distinct honor of trying so many life-defining cases with him and learned so much about trial work and passion. He and his wife Gloria Gary are also caring philanthropists. Every year they give to children and young adults in need of support, scholarships, training and gifts through the Gary Foundation. So, it was only fitting for me to start this fellowship in his honor when I opened my new office in Buckhead.” Hoffler said.

For the 5th consecutive year, Hoffler has made available over $35,000 in scholarship monies for deserving Atlanta-based minority law students. “It was a tremendous honor for me to partner with the extraordinary Gate City Barjudges here in Atlanta,” said Hoffler. “Initially partnering with the Honorable Kimberly Esmond Adams and the Honorable Myra Dixon, who chaired the 2013 scholarship programming, I humbly accepted the opportunity to work this august organization. In collaboration with the Chick-Fil-A Foundation and various local law firms, we have given out close to $175,000 in scholarships over the past several years.”

Attorney Gary is a graduate of North Carolina Central University School of Law. Judge Ramsey also received his undergraduate degree in Political Science from North Carolina Central University. The institution is known for its commitment to the law and training some of today’s top lawyers. As Chairperson of the Judicial Section, Judge Ramsey’s vision to assist fledgling lawyers with the nuts and bolts of trial practice and law office management, led to the historic collaboration between Hoffler and the Judicial Section. “I always wanted to help young lawyers and students to get the best training possible. Willie Gary was legendary even during my undergraduate years and his accomplishments and stellar reputation as a trial lawyer over the years has left an indelible mark on me. So, this collaboration with one of his stellar proteges, CK Hoffler, is a blessing,” said Ramsey.

Recipients of the Willie Gary Fellowship will be exposed to every aspect of trial work including the operations and leadership of running of a law office. “Through the fellowship, a young lawyer will learn the importance of hard work, trial strategies and other pearls of wisdom—Willie Gary-style.” Hoffler teamed with Gary and represented thousands of clients who had been victims of negligence, discrimination and corporate injustice.

“I am honored to have this fellowship named after me,” said Gary. “CK Hoffler and I have a long-history of trying cases and breaking down barriers in the court room in seeking justice. As my law partner, she was my right-hand person on some of our toughest cases. She is one of the most tenacious and toughest lawyers I know. I look forward to helping some of these deserving recipients of the fellowship in any way that I can.”

About CK Hoffler and the CK Hoffler Firm: CK Hoffler is a seasoned trial lawyer and the CEO of the CK Hoffler Firm, a trilingual law firm (English, French and Spanish) based in Atlanta Georgia. She specializes in commercial litigation, opioid litigation, catastrophic injury, civil rights, global commercial transactions, medical negligence, wrongful death and employment cases. Ms. Hoffler is licensed in 5 states including Georgia and Florida and is no stranger to complex and tough litigation, having sued large corporations, governmental entities and municipalities over the course of her 32-year career. To date, CK Hoffler (and her teams) has settled and received verdicts totaling over $800 million. CK Hoffler and Willie Gary teamed up and represented thousands of clients that have been victims of negligence, discrimination and corporate injustice including baseball legend Roger Maris’ family, over 4,800 African-American and Latino civil servants in the State of New York, to name a few. Like Willie Gary, CK Hoffler is a frequent lecturer on all aspects of trial work, civil advocacy and branding. She is a philanthropist in her own right and has also won numerous awards for her trial work and philanthropy, including the recent naming of a scholarship award in her honor to benefit minority law students by The Georgia Association of Black Women Lawyers’ Foundation (GABWA Foundation) on December 15, 2018. Visit the CK Hoffler Firm at and Gary Williams et al. at

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